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While we work and produce every day, we never forget one thing: we have a great responsibility towards our farmers, who feed us with their produce, and towards our business partners, stakeholders and consumers, who always trust us.

As a company that grows on the back of these fertile lands, we also treat nature with gratitude. In all our processes, we always take environmentally conscious approaches for the future of our world and our children.

In order to fulfil our responsibility, we place individual and corporate development at the center of our actions. We pursue innovative and sustainable approaches in the world and adapt our business processes constantly.



While we produce for our country, we draw our greatest strength from team spirit when it comes to reaching wider markets and adding value to our stakeholders in the process. With this strength, we never compromise on environmentally friendly, innovative and high-quality production processes.


The secret of our success in fresh vegetable processing, which is our speciality, lies in the great emphasis we place on R&D, technology and science. Today we are proud to be a company that creates trends instead of following them.

Our greatest competitive strength is our efficiency-oriented approach... With this approach, we constantly review and develop new processes and tools using science and technology, which are our signposts for progress. With this approach, we not only hold the title of leader of our industry but also create value for our employees, our sector and the global economy.

We never forget that the most essential factor in achieving today’s goals is the work of our employees. Being aware of the responsibility on our shoulders, we carefully listen to the ideas of all our employees and look after them. We both produce and grow with our employees.

Indicative of the value we place on our employees, we take all necessary measures, provide them with the right conditions and even go beyond standards so that they can continue their work in a healthy and safe environment. Our employees’ ideas and suggestions are the most important guide in our efforts to become better in the field of occupational health and safety.   

At Euro Gıda, we offer equal opportunities to all our employees and we see it as our duty to ensure equal opportunities in our society. We work tirelessly holding social responsibility activities whilst striving to increase employment in our country.


Knowing the importance of sustainable agriculture in environmental, economic and social terms for our future, we implement practices that value people and the environment in all business processes and so strive to use natural resources efficiently. We source our raw materials from local farmers to support the economy.

We make best efforts to live up to our title of “company you can trust” showing considerable responsibility and dedication towards our stakeholders.

Unconditional respect for human health at every stage of production is one of our most important responsibilities. In order to help generations live and eat healthier, we offer consumers around the world a reliable and wide range of products, from freshly produced jarred pickles to roasted and dried vegetables and gourmet sauces. We manage all our processes from production to packaging and distribution with effective, efficient, innovative and sustainable approaches that drive development.

To become even better for our world, our consumers, our employees and our business partners, we set ever bigger and more ambitious goals, and we continue to dream new dreams and pursue them with great determination.

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