In Euro Gida we continue to work on new products and tastes throughout the year. Our Research & Development team continues to seek new vegetables, new recipes and new modes of production. In this context, it studies the culinary cultures of the world, discovering innovative products in the vegetable world. Sometimes a mother’s recipe; sometimes a blog post turns into a new product idea.

The ideas of all the employees in Euro Gida turn into a reality after the evaluations of feasibility, market research and production process.


After the appropriate selection of packaging followed by the shelf life and quality control tests, they take their place first on the shelves, and then on our tables.

In addition to the new products, The Euro Gida Research & Development team also makes process improvement tests for our existing products with the target of improving them each day. The findings of these tests are shared with the Production, Quality Assurance and Sales and Marketing departments and result in changes to the process. In this context, directing the investment plan of Euro Gida, the team continues its business development projects.

Euro Food Research & Development team has been doing its best to add new flavors to your life and complement the familiar flavors.

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