Our purchasing policy is to make the first profit in the company, to begin to earn before the product is sold, in other words, to win before fighting.

Our purpose is;

  • to investigate new supply sources, follow the current market as a result of team work with the engineers in the R&D department. With the engineers in the R&D department; as a result of team work with engineers to investigate the new supply sources, to follow the current market,
  • to provide the needed material in the best quality and price with the best payment options on time so that we can increase our business productivity, improve our product quality and inventory to reduce the cost of the inventory,
  • to ensure traceability and controls with MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) programs
  • to increase the number of long term, collaborative suppliers by checking approved suppliers in the long term and to work with suppliers who have proven themselves.

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