While producing pickles, canned vegetables and sauces, with our internal and external partners, our environment policy consists of;

  • To comply with applicable environmental laws and related regulations
  • To monitor the environmental impacts arising from our activities, to reduce or eliminate them
  • To manage wastes formed as a result of our activities with appropriate approach to the relevant legislation,
  • To use environmentally friendly packaging materials,
  • To be open to public scrutiny by environment-related issues

Euro Gıda Arıtma

Waste Management

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste resulting from the factory is collected in a temporary warehouse area and then disposed of through licensed companies.

Waste Water Management

The treatment of the waste water from our facilities is performed in our biological laboratory which has 3,500 m3/h flow capacity, equipped with the latest technology. The values of KOI, AKM, and pH are periodically performed in our water laboratory and regularly inspected by an accredited organization.

Euro Gıda Arıtma

Euro Gıda Arıtma

Air Quality Management

The emission values of the coal-fired fluidized bed boiler are measured online. Emission values are kept under the limit values, ‘Industrial Facilities Implementation of Air Quality Control Regulation’

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